17th of October 2017

On the 13th & 14th of October, our fantastic cast and crew finally came together to shoot Bridge. We are so grateful to everyone who chipped in to make the film a reality. Below are some photos from behind the scenes. More updates to follow!

8th of August 2017

We cannot thank everyone enough for the support – as of 2:30pm today we reached our minimum target! We are absolutely delighted and *almost* speechless!

The support that has grown around this project has been incredible and we look forward to thanking each and every one of you personally in the near future.

We will keep everyone updated as we progress through pre-production, the shoot and post production. For now, if any of your family or friends wanted to contribute – please let them know that it isn’t too late!

The crowdfund will remain active until Thursday and we want to assure anyone who still wishes to get involved that we welcome further contributions. Bridge was budgeted at the bare minimum to get it produced. Several items of kit (such as a counter zoom lens, a drone, a grip & dolly) would allow us to deliver Bridge to an even higher quality than first envisaged.

We cannot express our gratitude fully to the 271 people who have so far invested in this project. We are hugely grateful to each and every one of you. Professionals working in the front line of suicide prevention are very keen to use Bridge going forward – hopefully together, we will create something that will have a proper impact and make a difference.

With our gratitude and our best wishes, from John Quinn, Alasdair Smith, Donna Franceschild, Katy Murphy, Steven Duffy, Mick McNeil & Iain Robertson

7th of August 2017

Today we find ourselves 82% funded with only three days to go! The support has been amazing so far. Over the weekend we were lucky enough to meet some of the crowd behind the crowdfund. Have a watch to hear their thoughts on getting involved in #BridgeShortFilm


2nd August 2017

With 9 days to go, 175 people from 10 different countries have helped us to raise a whopping 52% of our funding!

1st August 2017

9 days to go and the film is 51% funded!


31st July 2017

The countdown begins!


29th July 2017

Iain Robertson sits down with the Live at Five gang on STV 2 to chat about stepping to the other side of the camera and the serious social issue at the heart of the film.


28th July 2017

Listen to #BridgeShortFilm director Iain Robertson and writer Donna Franceschild discuss the project on BBC Scotland’s Janice Forsyth Show.


22nd July 2017

#BridgeShortFilm director Iain Robertson appeared on E on STV yesterday to talk to Zara Janjua and Gerry Cassidy about the project and the crowdfunding experience.


19th July 2017

It hasn’t all been #BridgeShortFilm for the production team behind the film. Yesterday they were filming some aerial footage of the TS Queen Mary which has returned home to Glasgow. Our Director of Photography, Alasdair Smith takes some time out to talk about the experience and merits of filming with a drone.


18th July 2017

The creative team behind #BridgeShortFilm discuss their experience in the first week of the crowdfund.

16th July 2017

We are delighted at the response so far to #BridgeShortFilm, we cannot express our thanks enough to everyone who is sharing and retweeting the ours posts and the link to the indiegogo page. We will get around to thanking you all individually. But please for now, do know that we are hugely grateful! Of course, we have some ground yet to cover so all retweets and shares of the crowdfunding site are very welcome!


14th July 2017

13th July 2017

The crowdfund for Bridge has been launched! The support and generosity so far has been amazing! You can find out everything you need to know by watching the video below and taking a look at our indiegogo page. Thanks to everyone who is helping us to spread the word and to everyone who has got involved and invested so far, every penny counts! 


10th July 2017

5th July 2017

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23rd June 2017


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22nd June 2017


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20th June 2017


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19th June 2017



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9th June 2017



Posted by writer, Donna Franceschild

In the summer of 2010 David Maclennan phoned me up to say he was going to celebrate the 200th play produced for A Play, A Pie and A Pint at Oran Mor by commissioning a slate of thirty two-minute plays. Would I be interested in writing one? David MacLennan was a charming man, who charmed you so fiercely that you could never say no to him. So I said yes – even though I had no idea how to tell any kind of story in two minutes. And also, I had no ideas.

Late that August I ended up in hospital. And, not the kind of hospital where they send you down to X-ray to see how that bone is healing. While I was there a woman was admitted who had tried to take her own life and was assigned a bed in the same room as me. We became good mates and I really did not want her to make any further attempts on her own life. So I wrote my two-minute play for her. It was called Bridge.

David MacLennan liked the script and asked me if I wanted to direct it – which I definitely did – so I got a weekend pass that saw me through the one-day rehearsal and first performance. Then I put the script in a little file on my laptop entitled Dead Projects.

A few years later Iain Robertson contacted me out of the blue. He had played Michelle Fairley’s teenage son in my TV serial A Mug’s Game, but had turned into a grown-up actor since then. A grown-up actor who wanted to direct a short film, with Bridge as the screenplay.

Michelle Fairley in A Mug’s Game

Iain Robertson is a charming man, who can charm you so fiercely that you can’t say no to him. So I said yes, even though I had no idea how my wee two-minute play could be made into a film and, more importantly, how Iain was ever going to raise the dosh to do it.

But I underestimated his tenaciousness. It has been five years since that short exchange of emails (“Sure. Use the script.”) but against all odds, Bridge has somehow blossomed into a full-blown enterprise complete with a passionate creative team, an amazing cast, a website, a finance strategy and a new screenplay that’s a massive four minutes long (and is a lot better. I try to do my bit.)

Tonight I find myself here writing this blog even though the election results are on and I haven’t watched the latest instalment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube. And even though I truly hate writing about my writing. Can’t it just speak for itself?

Iain says no it can’t. He needs content for the website. Like I said, he’s a charming man who can charm you so fiercely that you can’t say no.


5th of June 2017

  Iain Robertson on directing Bridge

Iain Robertson on directing “Bridge” from John Quinn on Vimeo.